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Given the fact that the ultra-fast means of communication and transportation have logically andgenuinely transformed the 12,800 km ball you call earth into a global village, the knowledge of the planet’s geography becomes increasingly important and interesting to everyone who claims it their home.

The project Seven Continents List has been specifically devoted to making you aware about the truths as well as mysteries lying in your vicinity and the distant lands, waters and mountains. Meanwhile, you can also enrich your knowledge about thousands of islands scattered in different oceans across the globe.

There are several questions where you might find yourself in a dilemma. Which continent/s does the international date line pass through? Why is Greenland, a territory of Denmark, not part of Europe? Which continent/s does the Prime Meridian pass through? How many continents fall on the path of the Equator? Where are the deepest paths on land and sea located? Is Mariana Trench deeper than the Mount Everest, the highest mountain peak? Which two countries in the world straddle two continents?

Presented in an interest-grabbing style, the content on 7continentslist.com provides comprehensive answers to the question like stated above in addition to providing general description and information about each continent.

In addition to learning about the geography, you will also come across biodiversity in the terrestrial and aquatic habitats. Initially, a chart lists the area, population and number of countries in each continent. The detailed page gives in-depth yet well organized info about each continent, such as its most prominent physical features, most popular sports, the richest people, and most spoken languages, etc.

Then follow the detailed, individual posts on each of such topics, like history, culture, dresses, rivers, famous landmarks, holiday destinations, top universities, largest countries, and so on. The “Fun Facts” post will open your eyes to some of the least known mysteries housed on each of the seven major landmasses.

While updating the posts regularly, we always look forward to your precious suggestions and recommendations to make the content even better and more practical. Also feel free to contact us in case of any queries or ambiguities.